The SSPB offers fellowships for SSPB members, preferably for PhD students, willing to participate in the meeting by sending a presentation on which they figure as first signers. The fellowships cover the registration fees of the congress. Exceptionally, post-PhD fellowships could be granted to fresh doctorates in duly justified cases. In any case, fellowship applicants should register themselves in PB2021 by “scholarship applicant”. This way, all fellowship applicants are able to postpone the registration fee payment till the fellowship resolution is final. Furthermore, they should inform that they have applied for a SSPB fellowship, referring to it on the form given to submit the presentations and/or sending an e-mail to the PB2021 technical secretary.


All interested applicants should send an aid request before the 15th April ( along with the Abstract and a brief CV) and mention whether they have received or requested any other financial aid for the same end to the following e-mail address (becasbp2021@uvigo.es). Under “subject” refer to “Solicitud de beca de la SEBP para participar en BP2021”.