Book of Abstracts//


Rules for abstract submission//

IMPORTANT: In order to send your presentation, you need to be registered in the congress. After the registration, the registrant shall receive on his/her e-mail the credentials to access the platform to send the presentation.


Deadline to submit abstracts for communications is May 30th, 2021. After the aceptation, authors should send their videos (orals) or their posters in jpg + video flash presentation (posters) before June 25th, 2021.

The main language of the congress will be English.


Abstracts should be longer than 350 words and should be written in English, according to the format provided in the template, which you must download and fill in with your data.

The registration entitles each participant to two presentations, maximum, as long as one of them is presented on the special session of teaching plant physiology (Teaching innovation). After registering, you will receive an email with the order information and the link to access the communications manager, where you will have to fill in a form with your communication information and attach the duly completed template.

The scientific Committee will review all abstracts of each session and select the presentations that will be presented orally.  The presentations not selected for oral presentation shall be presented as poster.

At least one of the presenting authors should be registered in the congress, being preferably the first signer. The sessions, which you can submit your presentations, are the following:

  • Session 1: Climate Change
  • Session 2: Plant-microorganism interaction.
  • Session 3: Growth and development
  • Session 4: agrobiotechnology
  • Session 5: Plant stress and ecophysiology
  • Session 6: Metabolism and function of the metals
  • Session 7: Specialized metabolism
  • Session 8: Mineral Nutrition and metabolism
  • Session 9: Phytohormones
  • Session 10: Gene regulation
  • Session 11: Membrane & long distance transport
  • Session 12: Plant physiology and crop production
  • Special Session: Teaching innovation in Plant Physiology

Oral Communications//

Plenary and guest conferences will be streamed live through “zoom video webinar” following the program published in this website.  The congress technical team will contact with all participants to schedule a connection test before the celebration of the congress.

The rest of the oral presentations accepted by the scientific committee shall be presented on video and published on the congress online platform.


The authors will receive specific guides on how to make a video and how to send it after the acceptance of his/her abstract by the scientific committee.

Poster communications//

Poster presentations shall be sent digitally. Together with the poster, it will be compulsory to send a flash presentation in video format with a duration of 2-3 minutes.

The authors will receive specific guides on how to do and how to send a poster after the acceptance of his/her abstract by the scientific committee.

The poster should point out the keys points of his/her work. The ideal poster is designed to (1) draw attention, (2) describe briefly his/her work and (3) start a debate or Q & A session.

The PB2021 prizes will be awarded according to the assessment of the presentations presented as a poster.

Communications management //